Here’s a little about me so you know who you’ll be working with

Why an editing website?

Hello, Everyone! This is me so you can put a face to the name.

Simple answer: I love reading. That may be too simple of an answer, but it is the truth.

Exploring the world created in a book, or following the music of a poem, or seeing the argument in an essay is one of the most enjoyable experiences, topped only on those¬†occasions I’m lucky enough to help make that world or music or argument even better than it already was.



But I don’t expect you to just trust my love of reading

I have my Bachelor’s Degree in English from Truman State University, with minors in Communication and Business Administration (because I always wanted a mouthful of a degree).

I’ve have 2 years experience writing/editing/designing for a newspaper and years of editing experience with books, and poetry, short story, and essay collections. Because of my varied experience, I am well-versed in both Chicago and AP Style.

I have interned at the Truman State University Press and I am currently as Assistant Editor at Amphorae Publishing.