Here’s a little about me in case you’re curious

Why create a website?

Hello, Everyone! This is me so you can put a face to the name.

Simple answer: I love reading. That may be too simple of an answer, but it is the truth. And I wanted to share that passion with others.

Exploring the world created in a book, or following the music of a poem, or seeing the argument in an essay is one of the most enjoyable experiences, topped only on those occasions I’m lucky enough to help make that world or music or argument even better than it already was.

As for the website, I wanted to create something that encouraged those like me who love reading and exploring stories, and who might dabble in writing without really knowing where they plan to go with it, to keep pursuing that passion. Sometimes just having another person relate to what you go through is enough to give you the motivation to keep moving forward — that is what I hope this website will be for anyone who just loves to read and/or write!



If you’d like me to edit for you, I don’t expect you to just trust my love of reading, so here’s my experience

I have my Bachelor’s Degree in English from Truman State University, with minors in Communication and Business Administration (because I always wanted a mouthful of a degree).

I’ve have 2 years experience writing/editing/designing for a newspaper and years of editing experience with books, and poetry, short story, and essay collections. Because of my varied experience, I am well-versed in both Chicago and AP Style.

I have interned at the Truman State University Press and I was an Assistant Editor at Amphorae Publishing in St. Louis, MO.