So, now you’re here – what’s next? That depends on what you need.

Where are you in your writing process?

The Idea Phase

Are you brainstorming and need a sounding board? Do you have an idea and are unsure what to do next? If this is where you are, send me an email and I’ll be more than happy to hear your ideas, give advice, or play devil’s advocate – free of charge!

The Writing Phase

Do you have a piece of work written and want a second (or third, fourth, tenth) pair of eyes to edit it? Amazing!

Keep scrolling to view how the reasonable pricing scheme works and how long it would take for me to edit and return your work.

Not sure what category your work fits into? No problem! Just send me an email and we’ll discuss it and find the perfect fit for you.


Pricing and Time Schedules

First, don’t panic! This whole process is affordable!

The goal of Word Spice Editing is to help writers polish their work and gain confidence in it. My only reason for collecting payment is keeping this website running and continuing to improve it, adding options and resources for any and all who need them – a necessary evil, I’m afraid.

Step 1: Check your category’s price and time

Below you’ll find categories of work, how much it’d be for me to detail edit that work, and how long it’d be for me to return it to you

Category Price (Flat Fee) Time to Return
20-40K words  $                        25.00 1 Week
Over 40K words  $                        35.00 1 Week
Short Story (Under 5K words)  $                        10.00 3 Days
Essay*  $                          5.00 1 Day
Poetry*  $                          5.00 1 Day or Less
Article* (Newspaper/Magazine)  $                          1.00 1 Day or Less
*Poetry/Essay/Article pricing is per piece of work. Collections of works will be judged on a case by case basis based on the number and length of pieces and what each client finds affordable.

Step 2: Contact me

Once you’re ready to take the next step, just contact me and we’ll get the ball rolling!

Once I respond to your request, I will confirm the order and send you a contract. Don’t let that word scare you, it’s actually for your protection. What the contract explains is the timing and payment process of your specific case and holds me liable to keep the time promised. Once I’ve received the contract back from you and payment (I use PayPal as it’s what I’ve found to be easiest and most efficient, so I would be sending you a PayPal.Me link for the collection of the order amount along with the contract), I will begin editing your submission.

At the end of editing, I will email back your submission with my edits and notes in a final email. That final “Thank You” email is the conclusion of that “transaction,” if you will.

If for any reason I am unable to keep my end of the deal and do not return your edited work to you by the time/date agreed on by the both of us, you will receive full payment back. I will still edit your submission, it will just be returned after the date promised (hence the refund).

If you have questions about pricing or time limits or the contract, please contact me with those and we can work out a solution that fits your individual needs – I’m here to help you, so please feel free to clear any concerns you have first before moving forward. I want this process to be as simple and straight-forward as possible for both of us. The “legal stuff” is just part of it unfortunately.