Flash from the Past: Life

If you are anything like me, the thought of sharing some of your own work is slightly terrifying. So, in an effort to get over that fear (and hopefully inspire others to do the same) I wanted to try sharing some of my own work.

Writing is like a fluid to me, constantly changing and curving around new ideas, and I hope that by sharing some of my own work I can encourage all of you to do the same (that is the main point of my website, after all).

So, enjoy!



Is it something that we as people have taken too lightly? Something that we take for granted?

I don’t know the answer, but, if I dare ask, who does?

Which one of us is willing to take the moment to look at themselves in the mirror and truly believe that we are insignificant?

Why would we demote ourselves to the lower level? Or are we demoting ourselves at all? Are we actually improving ourselves?

Who is the person to which we look to for approval?

Your mother? Your father? Your friends?

No, who you should look to for approval is yourself.

For if you can believe in yourself that you are not the best there is or ever was, but that you can be the best you can be and ever will be, then you know what a life is.

Until the minute you can admit this to yourself, you have not lived.

And there rises another point.

What is living?

Is it simply making it through every day with some level of accomplishment?

Or is it always being happy at the outcome of one’s achievements?

No, I believe living is looking back at every day of you life and not regretting one minute of it.

No matter the outcome of each day, you must stand by what you have done because if you don’t, who will?

Who will be able to learn from the mistakes you made or feel the glory you won besides you?

No one.

No one.

Accepting yourself and accepting your life are not easy things and are not expected to be. To tell the truth, some people never manage it in their lives.

But, for those who do manage it, the reward is greater than any trophy or medal there ever was.

By accepting yourself you open the door that will lead you onto a path that will take you to the promise lands. Where those lands are depends on where you want them to be.

Whether or not they are in the school room or the medical room or the courtroom or even in your own living room, it is only decided by you and can not be changed by anyone other than you.

This is what living is about.

This is what you must do to be considered living your life to the fullest.

Those who never accept themselves, their flaws and imperfections, and also their glories and victories—these are the people who you see at the bottom of the chain.


Because that is where they see themselves.

Now, I am not perfect nor do I try to be. I merely try to live my life in the best way I know how.

It may not always be right and it may not always be the smartest way but it is my way for it is my life.

No one will ever be able to take that privilege away from me for I will not let them.

I leave you to think about one thing and one thing only: Do you know yourself?

Do you know the real you, not the one you have pretended to be?

That is the all-seeing question and once you have answered that question, you will have answered the toughest question life will ever throw your way.

So, what will you answer be?

Mine is clear.

I am living.

Now, is it your turn?


Have any work of your own in progress?

If so, share it! Does it need some more work? Still share it with me and we can make it better!

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