Word of the Week: Mordant

As an avid reader and editor, I’m always trying to expand my vocabulary for multiple reasons. One, I just love words and discovering where they originate. Two, the more I know, the more helpful I am as an editor. Three, I love using fifty cent words people haven’t heard before that give me an excuse to talk about words some more!

With these “Word of the Week” blogs I hope to continue teaching myself and hopefully entertain (maybe teach?) some of you along the way.


  • Biting and caustic in thought, manner, or style

Word Info

Mordant comes from the Latin mordere, meaning “to bite”. It is related to morbid. Usage wise, it was never a very popular word and only had peaks of popularity sporadically in 1791, 1844, and 1918.


Why I like it

I like to think I’m a pretty sarcastic person, so finding another word to say sarcastic is always fun.


Reminds me of…

My favorite author, Jane Austen. One of the reasons  I love her is the tone with which she writes and that her characters are often very sarcastic themselves.


So, now you’ve heard my opinion, what’s yours? Like the word? Hate it? Plan to use it in the near future? I’d love to hear about it!


Let me know your favorite words in the comments (maybe you’ll be the one inspiring the next “Word of the Week”)!

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