Word of the Week: Raconteur

As an avid reader and editor, I’m always trying to expand my vocabulary for multiple reasons. One, I just love words and discovering where they originate. Two, the more I know, the more helpful I am as an editor. Three, I love using fifty cent words people haven’t heard before that give me an excuse to talk about words some more!

With these “Word of the Week” blogs I hope to continue teaching myself and hopefully entertain (maybe teach?) some of you along the way.


  • A person who excels in telling anecdotes


Word Info

From the French raconter, “to recount,” it was pretty well used in the 1700s, but plummeted in the 1800s with only one gradual peak from the early to mid-1900s.


Why I like it

As one who loves stories, it makes sense that I’d like interesting ways to refer to storytellers, right? Plus in this case, I like that this word is so straight forward in origin, barely straying at all from its root word.


Reminds me of…

Shel Silverstein. It’s a little strange, but his was the first name to pop in my head. His name and Where the Sidewalk Ends (or A Light in the Attic which is equally awesome). As a kid, I loved these collections (let’s be honest, pretty sure I’d love this just as much now as an adult).

Campfires. Where is better to tell fun stories than at a campfire? Yes, normally they are spooky in nature, but even those are fun—it’s hard to beat the atmosphere of the outdoors and good friends. And it’s a location for telling stories that has stood the test of time.


So, now you’ve heard my opinion, what’s yours? Like the word? Hate it? Plan to use it in the near future? I’d love to hear about it!


Let me know your favorite words in the comments (maybe you’ll be the one inspiring the next “Word of the Week”)!

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