Covering the Cliche Basics

It never fails that when the topic of reading and writing comes up, so do the same questions. “What is your favorite book? Who’s your favorite author? How long have you been reading?” So in the effort of saving time, I figured I might as well just address these questions now. Let the self-led Q & A begin!

Favorite Book?

To be honest, I always find this hard to answer because, really, how do you pick? There are so many categories, do you pick one per category? Or is it the book with the best writing style in your opinion? Or just the book that makes you feel the best and carries happy memories? I don’t know the right answer anymore than the next girl, but here’s my take: I have a few favorites, each for the main reason that I get something different from it every time I re-read it.



One of my favorites is The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Yes, I’m aware that’s slightly cliche in and of itself, but it’s true nonetheless. It’s that book on my shelf with post it notes sticking out of it and multi-colored notes all through it to show the love I’ve given it over the years. There’s always just something so hauntingly sad and mysteriously hopeful about Gatsby, and something so relatable about Nick’s view of the world, that stays with me after each read.



Another favorite of mine is Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. (Are you seeing a pattern? I admit it—I’m partial to classic novels.) This book is sentimental because it was the first classic novel I ever read. I just remember finding it hilarious (I still do) and Elizabeth was so sarcastic, a quality I like to think I possess, that I found myself cheering for her within pages of starting. Some of my favorite quotes come from this novel and it’s still where I go when I want a quick laugh.


Favorite Author?

Keeping with my classic novel theme (although that’s definitely not my only reason), my favorite author is Jane Austen. Honestly!

I’ve always thought her writing was so funny and her characters so easy to get along with. Yes, her story lines can be predictable, but in my opinion that doesn’t make her novels any less enjoyable. She wrote based on her life—as most writers do—and that’s what makes her interesting to me.

Maybe I just watched Clueless too many times as a child (a movie based off Emma).

How long have you been reading? Editing?

Reading: my entire life. Editing: the past few years. I lost track of the amount of time I’ve spent with my nose buried in a book, but it took me quite a while to figure out that I wanted more than just to read books—I wanted be involved with their creation and to help make ones in process better.

Do you write yourself?

Yes, I do, but normally just for myself. Writing, especially poetry, was a very useful tool for me to figure out my thoughts. Sometimes my thoughts just make so much more sense when put on paper (and made to rhyme).


So, how about you guys? What are your favorite books and authors? It may be a commonly discussed topic, but I still find it a fun one to talk about.

Leave a comment and let me know. Hopefully we can all find a new favorite!

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